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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

French Movie - De retour chez ma mère (2016)

De retour chez ma mère (2016)

Director(s): Eric Lavaine

Country: France

Main Actor(s): Alexandra Lamy, Josiane Balasko, Mathilde Seigner & Jérôme Commandeur

Genre: Comedy


Stéphanie (Alexandra Lamy) is a single mother who just lost her job, her company and most of her money. The only solution is to go back to her mom  (Josiane Balasko). Compromising with this new lifestyle, new habits and moving back to her mom will definitely prove to be a bumpy ride! During a family meal there are plenty of arguments, secrets are revealed and tensions appear. 


This comedy proves refreshing and the actors are undeniably comfortable in these roles. Numerous plot twists make the movie particularly interesting and novative, to some respect. Whilst this might look like a lambda comedy, it undeniably questions some interesting topics such as family, friendship, the differences between generations and the passing of time. More than just the evolution of family or a long list of jokes one after the other, this work is heartwarming, entertaining and digs much deeper than expected.


Déménager = to move; to move house
Un job; un boulot; un travail; un métier = a job
Perdre =  to lose
Une maison = a house
Un repas = a meal

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